I am off and running!

Well, folks after years of creating for my faithful clients (thank you!), I have taken the plunge into the world of wholesale stationery! I know, I know for those of you who know me, you are thinking "It is about darn time!"  Everything happens for a reason and happens when it happens, so here I am.  Working early mornings, late nights and every where in between while keeping my precious family clean, fed and clothed! 

I am working tirelessly on fabrinery (my signature line of note cards...fabric + stationery), fabritations (my line of handmade invitations...fabric + invitations), my website (yes, it will FINALLY be up and running...soon), my financial skills (ask my husband, I need a ton of help in this category!), the concept and design for my FINDS Dallas booth (I will be at 'market' June 25-28 on the 12th floor booth 12-3517) and of course many other things that have little importance here (i.e. room mom duties, my facebook addiction, etc.). Shoot, one more thing, I am currently trying to figure out to use this darn blog site! 

Somewhere along the way, I found my voice again.  My creative voice.  Many of you know the drill.  We spend so much time helping others and worrying about the small stuff, we lose sight of what really makes you happy. For me, happiness is gluing late at night. Hunting and hunting for the perfect fabric. Giggling like a school girl when a project comes together. Fancy paper turns me on. And I cannot tell a lie, I love.love.love my ATG 700 (a little inside tape humor).  I mean, let's face it, I am sucker for a crafty craft.

Which reminds me, before you ask...no I did not learn my craftiness from my mother.  She will tell you. "I don't do crafts, never have, never will. I just don't know where Heather gets it!" She doesn't knit, sew and more importantly, she does not glue!  I think I can thank my late sister Dana for most of my craftiness.  She was a wonder. She wrote beautiful poems, schemed up elaborate party ideas on cocktail napkins, sang like a lark, put on a darn good show and made people laugh.  She was also one tough cookie.  Oh, and she was quite an artist.  In a way, I named my company after her.  She called me "HB" (Heather Brooke is my given name). HB was a catchy nickname and people still call me that today.  I love it. It reminds me of Dana. People call it out and I always think of her.  I added the "D" for Del Bosco, my maiden name and HBDesigns was born!  

I have been busily creating fancy things all my life. As a child, I loved making fancy nameplates for my mom's dinner parties.  I would spend hours ironing napkins and making them into fans, or fun shapes. If the internet had been around back then, man, I would have been an ace.  I spent the first 18 years of my life in Vail, Colorado (I know, I know...you are asking yourself, "You are from Vail? No one is from Vail!") Well, folks, I am from Vail.  There was one small art store in town...I had to be very creative to get things done!  I look back and think I was a bit Martha Stewart, a tad Fancy Nancy and pinch Barbara Walters (I loved to tell stories and ask questions).

So here it begins, my journey as a real live business owner.  I mean, your stuff has to be in stores for it to be real, right?  I hope you will come along and watch me grow.  I hope I can create things you have to have! I hope I can make you laugh. My husband hopes I can make some money! So, hop on board the HBDesigns Express.  I won't let you down!

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