Fab Creations :: Cookie Bags

In the middle of the holiday rush, I planned and hosted a cookie decorating party for the Lil' Miss and her dance team. I posted a pic of cookie bags and got a handful of emails asking about them.

Buy a package of brown paper bags.

Whip up a little design on your computer.

Run them through your printer.

So simple! So cute!

Fab Finds :: Holiday Fabric!

Every morning I do a little fabric hunt. Holiday orders are in full swing around here and I tripped across some DARLING things this morning:

Fab Invitations :: Mitzvah Monday

Happy Monday! Today, we have a lovely Bat Mitzvah invitation that we created for Simone at The Write Impression in Teaneck, New Jersey. This was our first project together and it all came together very well.

Simone's client came to her with fabric and handmade paper in hand, but needed someone to put it all together...enter HBDesigns! She shipped the customer's supplies to us and we were off. I love how this project is very traditional, but modern at the same time.

fabric :: batik cotton
paper :: gold shimmer
printing  :: two color thermography
add ons :: paper envelope liners

Fab Friday Finds :: Fabric!

We hunt a lot around here. We hunt for the perfect paper, the perfect envelope, the perfect ribbon. But most of all we hunt for fabric. Fabric is everywhere. Patterns and colors fill our lives. Here are some fab things we came across this week:

For the fashionista:
Alice Kennedy - Poppy Lane - Goody Two Shoes in White
Good Two Shoes by Alice Kennedy

Fabrice De Villeneuve - Dress Up 2 - On The Runway in Sorbet
On the Runway by Fabrice De Villenueve

For the Trend Setter:
Riley Blake Designs - Small Chevron - Small Chevron in Rainbow
Small Chevron by Riley Blake

Cloud 9 House Designer - GeoCentric Canvas - ZigZag in Coral
Zig Zag in Coral by Cloud 9

For the Kiddos:
Ana Davis - Animal Parade - Pattern Animals in White
Pattern Animals by Ana Davis

Ann Kelle - Urban Zoologie - Whales in Bright
Whales by Ann Kelle

For Teens:
Jennifer Paganelli - Super Fly - Lauralee in Pink
Lauralee by Jennifer Paganelli

Robin Zingone - Modern - Toto Blocks in Citrus
Toto Blocks Robin Zingone

And I could keep going and going and going...

Wedding Wednesday :: Fab Colors

We just finished a wonderful wedding shower project 
using a beautiful champagne satin and lace with plum accents.  

This was our inspiration:

Here's the invitation:

Photo Credits
Ombre Wedding Cake :: Wed Luxe
Bouquet :: Ariel Yve Design
Heels :: Christian Louboutin
Dress :: Vera Wang
Invitation :: HBDesigns

Fab Invitations :: Mitzvah Monday

Today, I am featuring a project I did for a fab retailer in Connecticut. Susan at the  The Write Stuff is a joy to work with. She is so funny and we laugh a lot. And I adore that she calls me 'HB' and often calls to check in when we aren't even working on a project together.

Susan fell in love with this tinsel eyelash fabric last year when we used the hot pink on our HBDesigns New Year's cards. We'd been waiting for the perfect client to show it to.

fabric :: silver tinsel eyelash (comes in many colors)
paper :: hot pink and silver shimmer
printing :: thermography
add ons :: rhinestones

Fab Friday Finds :: My Faves

I will admit, I LOVE Pinterest. 
Here are a few of my fave things I recently came across.

From my Seasonal Inspiration Board :: Bling Pumpkins

Alex photos & Bling White Pumpkin Tablescape 1608

From my Mirror, Mirror on the Wall Board :: Ombre Stripe Nails

From my Crafty Craft Board :: Tissue Flowers

From my HBD Projects Board :: Nautical Invitation Suite

{Photo Credits}
Bling Pumpkins :: Lana Austin Motif
Ombre Stripe Nails :: Julep Beauty Buzz
Tissue Flowers :: Hostess with the Mostess
Nautical Invitation Suite :: HBDesigns as featured on Valley & Co. Lifestyle

Fab Times In NYC :: NSS Part 2

So many people ask about the National Stationery Show and what is involved. Until you actually have to design a booth, figure out all the product and then turn it into reality, you will never quite grasp the madness of NSS. We prepare all year for the the 9-10 days we spend in NYC each May.

This is what you arrive to...a blank canvas in the massive Javits Convention Center:

Booth 1558

And little by little, we start to put it all together.

Our stainless steel sign goes up

Hot pink shag rug down and things start to come together.

Taking shape
Nearly done
The album wall
Pretty fabrics
Pretty albums
Inside the albums
We did it!
Not bad for two girls, right? When all was said and done we had another amazingly successful year. Adding dozens of new retailers. We spent 15 weeks this summer assembling albums, finishing all the orders and all the while planning for NSS 2013.  In the middle of it all we were selected by the AmericasMart paper jury to take part in the Paper Boutique at the January show in Atlanta. So, guess what? More planning! 

Fab Times in NYC :: NSS Part 1

We've been busy. To remind you, we launched our wholesale line in 2011 at the National Stationery Show.  We picked up 15 new retailers. We came home, filled orders, planned for the 2012 how and have never stopped. Fast forward to the 2012 show. We arrived in NYC to a bigger booth, more items and (3) new and improved albums.  But before we set up the booth, we went shopping. Here are some snap shots from our adventures in fabric buying.

Next up, we'll show you how the booth came together!

Up, Up, Up Goes Postage

I have received countless emails in the last few days from frantic brides and other party peeps about the most recent postage increase...yup, they're at it again at the ol' USPS.

Here is a great link with all the rate changes.

What this mean to us? These darling HBDesigns stamps now have to be paired with these .1 stamps {insert yucky face here}. Oh well, such is life...they are still delivering mail and business is busier than ever, so we'll count our blessings.

Fab Ideas :: Starting from Scratch Part 2

Ok, so with much anticipation, our first yards of one-of-kind fabric arrived. It looks amazing. We learned a bit in the process and surely will do it again. Thats sweetheart over at Two Punks and Princess nailed the art!

Custom Fairy Fabric {Imagine the possibilities for your next party!}

So now the fun parts starts. We'll turn this into fabritations (fabric + invitations), fabrinery (fabric + stationery), gift tags and maybe bunting. We might have to order more we love it so much!

Fab Inspiration :: Think Pink!

The clock struck midnight and we we officially started planning for the 2012 National Stationery Show. Truth be told, we have never stopped planning since last May, but now...full steam ahead.
It is no secret we love PINK around here, so here are some of our fave things we're adding to our show inspiration boards.
No. 1 :: How great is this birdcage chair? We'll take two {please} for our National Stationery Booth #1558. Kindly Deliver to Javits Center in May.
(photo credit www.katiemaennle.com)

No. 2 :: Can't leave home with my new iPad {thanks to my sweet brother}. This pucci cover is perfect for me and reminds me of all the fun pucci-inspired notes we have created over the years.
(photo credit www.nordstrom.com)

No. 3 :: Hello cuties! Nothing says comfort at a trade show like hot pink Tory Burch flats. Who says fashion has to hurt?
(photo credit www.toryburch.com)

No. 4 :: Ok, so maybe a fab wool coat won't work for NYC in May, but we LOVE the collar and cuffs on this stunner from Kate Spade.
(photo credit www.nordstrom.com)

No. 5 :: Anyone who knows HB, knows about the purse obsession...So we'll take one {make that two, Randi needs one also!} of this ultra fab Bottega Veneta bag from Neimans.
(photo credit www.neimanmarcus.com)

No. 6 :: Can't go wrong with anything from Hermes. The iconic H bracelets can be passed down to certain lil' misses in your life...this one will match the black one I recently got {thanks sweet hubby}.
(photo credit www.hermes.com)

No. 7 :: How great is this dress from our fave designer DVF? HB.Must.Have.This.Dress. Maybe we'll wear it to the Louie Awards.
(photo credit www.gotogirls3.com)

No. 8 :: And just because exhibiting at the National Stationery Show has a lot to do with timing and has been known to drive some peeps cuckoo...This is the perfect clock to keep HBDesigns on pace.
(photo credit www.wanelo.com)

Fab Ideas :: Starting from Scratch Part 1

It has been awhile, but we have been slammed! Holiday orders started coming in in late August and we just now are getting to our own New Year's cards! 
For our first big project of the year, we are busy designing some one-of-kind fabric for a birthday invitation.  
Follow along to see how my pal over at Two Punks and a Princess and I take on the little theme of fairies and turn it into some seriously cute custom fabric.
Here's a peek at what we have up our sleeves!

To be continued...

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