On the Cutting Board

Ok, so it has been a loooooooooooooong time. I know, I know! But, we arrived home on May 26 from the National Stationery Show and never looked back. 
There wasn't time for much goofing around or blogging! We were up to our noses in custom album creation and filling orders. 
Never, ever did we imagine our first show would be so successful, but we hit the ground cutting and gluing as fast as we could. 

We managed to get all the orders to retailers nation-wide in SIX short weeks. There was no rest for the wicked though because within the first week, retailers were already calling us with orders! And we had a full production schedule to balance from orders placed from our individual customer base.  One item that kept getting pushed on our massive 'to-do' list was blogging.

But late one night, after using what must have been 100 miles of double-sided tape, it came to me...a new blog name!  The Pink Label :: A Little Bit of Fab. So here we are, a little late to the party, but updated with plenty of fabulous fabric creations to share.  We plan to feature our new retailers, share what we do when we aren't cutting and gluing and keep you up-to-date on goes down in the fab, fab world of HBDesigns. We have a few surprises up our sleeves too!

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