14 Days and Counting!

After what seems like a life's worth of planning, we are on the home stretch and packing things up to be shipped to the National Stationery Show 

Phew! I could write a book about being a first time vendor. There is so much that goes into getting to this huge show and it is impossible to do alone.

We just put the final touches one of my favorite parts of our booth display. We used various designs from our
fabritations (fabric + invitations) line to a fabulous skirt. Hours and hours went into planning, designing and executing this project. We even created our crate so that it could ship fully assembled!

We asked our
facebook fans to help us name her. There were some very creative ideas out there! Fabrina, Cardoline, Cardarella, Fabriella...It was very hard to decide! We decided to name her Miss Fab. 

We love FABric and we think our designs are FABulous, so it was a perfect fit! Congratulations to Brittany Poe for coming up with the winning name! We hope you enjoy your fabrinery (fabric + stationery) prize!

Stay tuned for more updates on our road to New York! 

Four Weeks and Counting!

Launching a wholesale business is a bit daunting, especially if you have not done it before. We've been tackling the launch of our fabrinery and fabritations lines for over a year now and each day we find ourselves surrounded by wonderful people. I can remember days when I thought it would never become a reality (hmmmm, like yesterday!). As we begin to make final touches and pack up all our designs for the National Stationery Show in four weeks, I have realized a lot about who I am.

I am a hard worker. A type-A personality who has learned to not sweat the small stuff as much (case in point...my mountain of ironing). I have learned to accept help and ask for it! I like to stress, but at the end of the day, I can smile and be proud of what I have accomplished.  

Nothing good was ever achieved alone. It just wasn't. I am blessed beyond measure to have countless friends and family members helping me along the way. I am half tempted to mention all the people, but the list is a mile long. Today I finished another hectic week of creating and planning. I am a little tired, but so excited about what is around the corner.  I have happy clients, happy friends and a happy family.  It takes a village to be successful and tonight my village is shinning bright!

Fashionable and Trendy? Yes!

HBDesigns was featured today in Greetings etc! It was just a small reminder that we are are gaining momentum in the last few weeks before the National Stationery Show.

Trends to Watch
By Dorothy Creamer, Editor
The National Stationery Show (NSS) is a mere month away. This show is the place to be if you are a purveyor of paper products and you won’t want to miss any of the great items that will be on display at the Jacob K. Javits Center from May 15-18. With so much to see, you’ll probably be in sensory overload, but here are a few hot products and trends to whet your appetite until you can feast on the goods in person in May.  Not only will new products be on display, but the creative players in the industry will be showcasing many of the new themes and overall concepts that will be shaping the marketplace.
HBDESIGNS41111.jpgThe Other Paper
Fabric correspondence is emerging as a popular way to make a note stand out. HB Designs offers its signature Fabrinery (fabric + stationery) and Fabritations (fabric + invitations). The Cotton Fabritations are whimsical and can be ordered as an imprintable or with the printing done. For more information, visit www.hbdesigns.net.

We have been working around the clock to launch our fabrinery (fabric + stationery) and fabritations (fabric + invitations) lines and are so excited to share our fashionable items with everyone.
Can't wait to see all of you in NYC in our booth #1756!

Getting it all D-O-N-E!

Ok, ok, ok, I admit, I have been horrible about blogging. 
Between facebook, twitter, glueing, cutting, delivering orders, mailing orders, 
raising a 4 year old, keep my husband happy, cooking and cleaning, 
I just have had a hard time getting this blog thing down. 
So much is going on that I hardly know where to start, 
so rather than bore you with some L-O-N-G blog to get you up to speed, 
I am going to share a few projects with you 
and then update weekly as we move forward to the National Stationery Show in May. 

Cotton Fabrinery from our Ready to Write line
Silk Baby Announcement Fabritations from our Ready to Invite line

Cotton Toile Baby Blessing Fabritations from our Ready to Invite line

Silk Baby Shower Fabritations from our Ready to Invite line 

Cotton Beach Fabrinery from our Ready to Write Line

Cotton Bippity Bop Fill-In Fabrinery

Cotton Butterfly Fill-In Fabrinery
Leather and Lace Bridal Shower Fabritation

So there it is a small sampling of what we've been up to around here.

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