the National Stationery Show!

What a day! We survived the first day at the National Stationery Show and are still smiling! All our research and listening paid off! This morning we were greeted by Lloyd from Manny Stone Decorators who told us we nailed our booth design. He was very impressed with what we created on a tight budget. Hopefully, we will have a video from him in the next day or so to share with you! 

For now, here are some of the comments we heard today from customers:

"We have to stop, this is amazing!"

"You girls have the most creative thing here!"

"I'm SOLD! Who do I give my credit card to?"

"You had me when I saw the skirt!"

"My customers are going to DIE!"

This is our first time at the show, so we were so excited! Nothing like having people love your designs. We hope you come by booth #1756 to see (and touch) our lines!

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