Fab Times In NYC :: NSS Part 2

So many people ask about the National Stationery Show and what is involved. Until you actually have to design a booth, figure out all the product and then turn it into reality, you will never quite grasp the madness of NSS. We prepare all year for the the 9-10 days we spend in NYC each May.

This is what you arrive to...a blank canvas in the massive Javits Convention Center:

Booth 1558

And little by little, we start to put it all together.

Our stainless steel sign goes up

Hot pink shag rug down and things start to come together.

Taking shape
Nearly done
The album wall
Pretty fabrics
Pretty albums
Inside the albums
We did it!
Not bad for two girls, right? When all was said and done we had another amazingly successful year. Adding dozens of new retailers. We spent 15 weeks this summer assembling albums, finishing all the orders and all the while planning for NSS 2013.  In the middle of it all we were selected by the AmericasMart paper jury to take part in the Paper Boutique at the January show in Atlanta. So, guess what? More planning! 


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