Boys will be Boys! Write?

We design a ton of items for both ladies and little ladies around here at HBDesigns and when we get to work on more masculine projects we welcome the challenge with sharp sheers and sticky glue just as we would anything else.  
Remember, we're on a mission to bring back the art of handwritten notes, one fabulous set of fabrinery at a time...that includes creating items for all the men and boys in your life. 
This week we wanted to showcase some of our more manly creations to get you thinking about the men in your life.  They need to thank, write and invite people too! They have parties and clients and deserve to have creative items just as much as we do!  

Here is some wonderful fabrinery we created recently:
Left-charcoal gray linen, Right-Slate Gray Silk

Don't boys deserve to have super fun fabritations too?
Created with Camo Corduroy
Planning a terrific party for that special man in your life? 
Boxed Multi-Layered Fabritation
Open view

Do you want your son to write nice thank you notes? He will these fun fabrics! And his friends will want them too!  No more complaining about writing notes!
Collection of Cotton Fabrics
Maybe you need an over-the-top fabritation for a fabulous celebration!
Golden Birthday Fabritation in Crushed Velvet and Gold Lame

Lastly, our male customers are flipping over these little guys!
Front View
Back View
Our Wine Bottle Tags solve that problem that we all have...running out the door to a dinner party or special celebration, bottle in hand and DRAT!! no card, no bow and no bag...Your gift will standout with our tags.  Just grab one, write a note and hang it on the bottle. VOILA! Your gift looks perfect! We can customize them any way you want using the fabric you like best.


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