Fabrinery (fabric + stationery) Focus

We have been up to our ears in fabrinery (fabric + stationery) orders. For those of you who are new to The Pink Label, fabrinery is our signature note card line here at HBDesigns.  This is not your mama's stationery!
We work with a wide variety of fabrics (from cottons to silks, linens to velvets) to create one-of-a-kind custom stationery.

What makes HBDesigns different?  We did our research! We wanted to create something totally unique. There are others out there that use fabric, but they simply bond it to card stock paper. Each piece of fabrinery is made out of a heavy weight board. We cover it in a fabric of your choice, design the card and glue it all together. The best part...NO extra postage required!

Fabrinery is guaranteed to have your friends and family calling you upon receipt! They make fab hostess gifts, are perfect for a thankful bride and kids of all ages love all the fun patterns.

Are you sold? Contact me!


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