2013 National Stationery Show :: I Do! Update

We are back from another super successful NSS and 
wanted to share our update to the 
I Do! :: All Things Wedding Album.
Below is a collection of 5 invitations to add to your current album. 
This update is $65. 

We need confirmed orders by June 23.
Please email hb@hbdesigns.net if you need more information.

Back at the Ranch Save the Date
Approx. retail price $9.40 ea.
Details: burlap backed invitation + screened date, flat printing

Of the Forest Wedding Collection
Approx. retail price $9 ea. (save the date), $15 (invitation + envelope), $9 (rsvp set)
Details: authentic birch wood save the date, invitation and rsvp card, custom bamboo invitation envelope + liner, custom rsvp envelope

Peacock Wedding Invitation
Approx. retail price $14 ea. (all pieces shown)
Details: gold dupioni silk backed invitation + peacock feather, thermography printing, invitation envelope, rsvp set

Beautiful Brocade Wedding Booklet
Approx. retail price $18.20 ea.
Details: brocade backed invitation booklet + interior pocket, rsvp card, flat printing

Suit Striped Shower Invitation
Approx. retail price $8 ea.
Details: wool suiting backed invitation + screen initials, flat printing


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