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Around here, Fall marks to beginning of the social season. Time to reflect on where the year has taken us and time to give thanks for all we have. Nothing says thank you quite like a fab fall floral arrangement with a thoughtful note. 

It is very simple and cost effective to make arrangements yourself. Local floral shops will fetch between $75-$100+ for a Fall-themed arrangement. You can gather flowers that are on sale and items from your local craft store and create the same thing for half the price. 

Here is a tutorial on how to create an arrangement that screams Fall and Thank you!

Step 1 :: Choose a nice round pumpkin. I like the fairytale ones. Cut the top off of it a bit a lower than you normally would. Clean it out very well. Keep the lid. You can incorporate it into the design.

Step 2 :: Line the pumpkin with a plastic grocery bag and insert wet florist foam. We recommend soaking the foam in the sink for a bit so it is nice and moist.

Step 3 :: Begin to add flowers, dried leaves and decorative balls. Here we used sunflowers, football mums, amaranthus and strawflower. Stick the stems deep into the florist foam. I suggest starting at the base and working up. Fill in as you see fit. Mini scarecrows and other fall craft items would make fab additions too. 

Step 4 :: Deliver to a friend with some HBDesigns fabrinery or use as centerpiece for a dinner party. 


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